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www.LiveImmigration.com is an extranet
It was specifically ENGINEERED & DEVELOPED

Managing Partner,
-Thomas A. Williams III

Mr. Williams designed and developed this tool, LiveImmigration, as a tool to work more closely with his clients. He is a licensed attorney who has practiced law for over 40 years. He has practiced employment-based immigration law for over 30 years. Mr. Williams prides himself in being an innovative thinker in both his legal practice as well as in other areas:
  • While still a 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia Mr. Williams designed and carried out two law and psychology studies – BOTH of which were published in peer-reviewed journals
  • “Effect of Mode of Adjudication, Presence of Defense Counsel, and Favorability of Verdict on Observers’ Evaluation of a Criminal Trial” Austin, Williams, Worchel, Wentzel and Siegel. Journal of Applied Social Psychology,11:4 pp. 281-300 August, 1981
  • “A Survey of Judges’ Responses to Simulated Legal Cases: Research Note on Sentencing Disparity” Austin & Williams. The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 68:2 pp. 306-310 June, 1977

While studying the inefficiency of motion of reciprocating pistons, heI developed a transmission which converted both directions of input motion (forward and reverse; clockwise and counter-clockwise) into a reversible, single-direction output motion. That concept was embodied into a socket wrench that continued the rotational drive of the socket in the desired direction when the handle was moved both forwards and backwards – thereby increasing the drive output by 100%. Tools were sold to the U.S. Air Force and commercially on QVC Sales Network.

U.S. Patents
#4,802,387  Reversible unidirectional transmission   Issued:  Feb. 7, 1989
#4,970,915  Reversible unidirectional transmission   Issued:  Nov. 20, 1990
#5,105,688  Reversible unidirectional transmission   Issued:  Apr. 21, 1992

  • While training new staff members, he saw the need to develop an easier to use system for preparing and processing Employment-based Immigration cases so that new staff could more quickly begin processing cases. That resulted in www.LiveImigration.com – a tool for law firms and companies to collect information, evaluate strategies, and prepare PERM applications online. Additionally, it can serve as a national platform for attorneys to work more directly – and interactively – with their clients regardless of location.
  • Mr. Williams has given instructional presentations about U.S. Immigration Laws & Regulations to graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty at:
    Harvard ~ M.I.T. ~ Stanford ~ U.C. Berkeley ~ USC ~ Johns Hopkins ~ Brown ~ University of Arizona ~ Hofstra ~ Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine ~ Duke University ~ University of Maryland ~ University of Virginia ~ Ohio State ~ George Washington University ~ Virginia Polytechnic Institute ~ West Virginia University ~ George Mason University ~ Old Dominion University
  • His legal practice has been concentrated specifically on employment-based visas, including professional and international business visas. The firm has represented professionals, including those holding degrees in Information Technology, various fields of Engineering, Medicine & Biomedical Research, Pharmaceutics, International Business; as well as Post-doctoral Researchers and professionals in other disciplines of study. We have also represented officers and directors of numerous small to medium size international companies. Our clientele includes those from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South & North America.


While an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, designed & carried out two published studies:
These studies were conceived, designed and carried out by Mr. Williams while an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia based on independent research he conducted with one of the most renowned Constitutional Law experts, Prof. A. E. “Dick” Howard.
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